King Arthur and the Knights of Justice intro

King Arthur & the Knights of Justice was a Sunday morning, syndicated cartoon series which lasted for 2 seasons (totaling 26 episodes) and was produced by Golden Films, C&D Entertainment and Bohbot Entertainment. The first episode aired on September 13, 1992 and the last episode was on December 12, 1993.

The show's premise had King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table trapped in the Cave of Glass by an enchantress named Morgan le Fay. The wizard Merlin, unable to free King Arthur and the Knights himself, searches the timeline for replacement Knights.

Merlin finds the quarterback of the New England Knights football team, Arthur King, as a suitable replacement. Merlin transports Arthur King and his teammates to Camelot after one of their football games and appoints Arthur King as their leader, with his teammates as the new Knights of the Round Table.

He assigns them the task of defeating Morgana and freeing the true King and Knights. The Knights are armed with special armor and are able to summon their respective creatures at any time when in battle armor. These animals, such as King Arthur's dragon, are emblazoned on their shields.

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