Denture Process

a demonstration of what its like getting dentures and what to expect when receiving dentures, what's to come next and what to look forward to, dentists do the process differently in other country's but this video explains and shows exactly what you can expect when wanting dentures or thinking about getting dentures at any age or stage in your life.

I hope you appreciate the effect I've put into gathering videos like this to help and show you all having or getting dentures isn't always plain sailing as it looks, the moulding process is uncomfortable and can cause you to gag when you do this for the first time.

Dentures at a young age can also be an option as I've had great quility of life with them, what ever you decide or think this video just shows how it's done what to expect and the process that goes into it all.

This video for educational purposes to help others regardless of age, see the denture process and demonstration of how and what it looks like getting the denture procedure.

Please Like this video so others can watch and see for then selfs to see if dentures is for them.

Thank You👍

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