I bought a brand new CHINESE dirt bike... And WOW - All new 2020 SSR SR300 first ride & review

I bought a brand new CHINESE dirt bike... And WOW - All new 2020 SSR SR300 first ride & review

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I know it's a long video, so here's a timeline cheat sheet for you guys:


0:00 Bad-ass metal intro
7:45 First trail-side stop & bike impressions
10:30 Second trail-side stop & bike impressions
13:54 Third trail-side stop & bike impressions
17:45 Fourth trail-side stop & bike impressions

23:11 Back at camp - first ride impressions / control adjustments / on site carburetor re-jet

51:59 New jetting first impressions & **second outing** on trails (single track coming up!)
53:35 First trail-side stop & bike impressions
54:55 Carburetor woes / impressions after re-jet & ride / begin single track w/ impressions throughout on e-start, clutch, peg height, body position, trail-side carb adjustment etc & crash 🙃

1:04:18 Back at camp - Final thought for the day & bike impressions



Man- these Chinese dirt bikes have come a LONG way! Dare I say it's the perfect bike for just about anyone in your family that's tall enough to ride it?

Gone are the days when you felt that horrible stigma after seeing or reading the words "Made In China"!

I now own proof. And you can read all the juicy details and specs like, standard equipment and more HERE:



Yes, I plopped down several (actually not several) of my own, hard earned dollars and brought home this very interesting, very affordable, accessory-loaded piece of machinery.

I mean, let's think about it for a minute...

-Your iPhone
-My beloved Fox Instinct moto boots
-Just about any, if not all the things you own and love from Amazon

The list goes on, is it even a "thing" anymore? Made in China? Maybe in some cases, but not today.

Not only have Chinese made products come a long way in general, but I can only imagine a lot of the tooling and parts needed to create a complete dirt bike have something to do with other brands having their parts made in China too?

I don't know for sure, but I do know that the all new SSR SR300 is going to be just perfect for so, so many people out there.

This bike hits so many nails on the head when it comes to:

-Value and affordability
-Cool factor
-American home base & parts support (SoCal)
-Tips, tricks & accessories (coming soon to mXrevival.com!)

Top all that off with the fact that it's all new for 2020? Forget it! Take my money!

Now, just like any other motorcycle out there - it's not perfect & there are some things I address in today's video that will bring them to light.

And again, just like any other motorcycle, they are all pretty basic & easy to remedy situations.

Stay tuned, as I am going to long-haul this awesome new trail dirt bike & kit it out mXrevival style along the way, so you guys can do the same to your new SR 300's.

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-Check out my new blog post above on the all new SR300 which highlights all the bikes standard features, showcases excellent photos of the new SR 300, and more!

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