SPIES - Episode 12 (eng sub) | РАЗВЕДЧИЦЫ - Серия 12

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Officer Abwehr wants to sell these documents to US intelligence. But Arina kidnaps the bag with the archive microfilms. Then Arina goes to the Soviet command. She offers to buy this archive. Otherwise, she will sell it to the Americans. On the money Arina expects to leave to France with Volodya.
Moscow accepts the Arina’s proposal. The Abwehr archive is a very valuable thing. At the same time, the intelligence leadership understands that such an experienced scout officer as Arina could easily memorize or copy a part of the archive and play a double game. Therefore, the following decision was taken: appoint Arina to meet and capture her, or liquidate, and take the archive. The executors of the operation are Petrov and Zoe, who worked together with Arina and know her methods perfectly. They are released from prison and sent to Germany.
Arina appoints a meeting in the territory controlled by US troops. Petrov and Zoe make a decision and act on their own plan during the operation. As a result, they find out about Volodya and understand what the actions of Arina were caused by.
Petrov, Zoe, Arina and Volodya tries to find a compromise. Arina and Zoe finally forgive each other. Arina gives Petrov an archive. And Zoya gives Arina the family ring of Prozorovsky, which she has stolen before the war. Then Petrov and Zoya come back to Soviet territory. They give the archive. And they report that Arina had to be killed.
Arina and Volodya are preparing to go to France. But it turns out that Major Vorotynnikov in advance calculated how Petrov and Zoe will act. Vorotynnikov personally goes to Arina and makes an offer. Arina will work for Soviet scouting in France. Vorotynnikov will try to find a way to remove from Arina the charge of treason.
Arina doesn’t give an answer. But it is clear: the history of scouts adventures will continue…


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