FAST and FURIOUS - Street Race (RX7 vs Civic vs Integra vs Eclipse) #1080HD +car-info

The Fast and the Furious (2001) first movie
One of the two main races, where Brian (undercover cop) is trying to infiltrate Dom's team.

⭐ 1993 Mazda RX-7 [FD] - Dominic Toretto / Vin Diesel ⭐
Every tuner kid's dream. This FD was designed after a Keith Imoto car, and originally came with a roll cage. Unfortunately, Diesel couldn't fit into the car with the roll cage, so it had to go. It had a stock twin-turbo 255hp engine with 4-bottle NOS system, stock suspension, and aluminum struts. Appearance mods include Veilside USA Aero bodykit, RX-7 GT rear wing, Lexan headlight covers, and Veilside rims.

⭐ 1993 Honda Civic [EJ] ⭐
Silver EJ featuring ViS Racing body bits.

⭐ 1994 Acura Integra [DC2] - Edwin / Ja Rule ⭐
It had Wings West RS Racing series ground effects kit, Momo GT rims with red socket lugs, a heavily modified suspension, cold air intake, 3mm overbored throttle body, TruTime adjustable cam timing gears, Type-R intake cam, red anodized overdrive pulleys for both the alternator and power steering, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, DC Sports headers and exhaust, GReddy engine oil cooler, MSD 6A ignition and external HVC blaster coil, and an Exedy racing clutch and lightened flywheel.

⭐ 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Brian O'Conner / Paul Walker ⭐
It was rented from LA tuner John Lapid. The car used for close-up shots wasn't actually turboed. Appearance mods include a nonfunctional roof scoop, RoboCar Aero Armor Eclips body kit, ARP GT2 wing, 1997-spec Eclipse headlights, and Se7en 180 Axis Sport Tuning rims.

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