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Check out the official The Gentlemen Trailer starring Matthew McConaughey! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: January 24, 2020
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery
Directed By: Guy Ritchie
Synopsis: Star-studded, sophisticated action - comedy which follows a very British drug lord who tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires.

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Movieclips Trailers

Guy Ritchie brings along a loaded cast for his new gangster movie The Gentlemen!

Youre Welcome



I’ve seen better movies. This one was exhausting to watch from beginning to the end, especially the Fletcher guy telling story from A to Z and the different sequences don’t help either. It is a movie you can enjoy at home but not at the cinemas for my sake, waste of money


The plot of this movie is so 2000 late.

Renald Sunset

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ J’ai adoré !! Film élégant, classe et gangsta à la fois.

E Nezzy

Does anyone else get massive Tom hardy vibes from Charlie hunham?

Gedelda Sanqui


jason black

A movie worth renting or buying?

Amelia Rizk

Every king need a raymond

Amelia Rizk

I need a sequel of this movie please

Leonel Espindola

Charlie Hunnan looks like Tom "papasito" Hardy.

Jenkins Amiee

ozzy osbourne

Mix-Tube منوعات

Mickels lucky card is the couch and his boys if it wasnt for them there wont be a king lion any more
Good movie i recommand

Akhgg Afgbj

فلم عجيب...

Eduard v.d. W

Don't get all the positive reviews. We were 6 people trying to watch it, and all of us were bored after 30 minutes. Absolute trash of a movie...

Md.mustak 9076370892


Lungdipii Maram

Moral Of The story
"No One can bring down The King Of Weeed kaz He's Always High"

Stoned Beaver

I just watched the movie and can really recommend it.


Tbh idrc if the movie good or not, Matthew mcconaughey in the movie so I gotta watch it. He the MJ of acting. I hope the movie good tho

Vince Suppiah

The saddest part about this movie is when it ends. Truly a masterpiece and will be watching it over and over again.

Marinia Tapic

Unite 9:8 team trendyrific

Lisa Edwards

all along the watchtower

Riddle ۵

Trailer doesn’t do this film justice, ONE OF THE BEST that I’ve seen in a long time!

Unreal Academy

I didn't watch the trailer and didn't know AT ALL what to expect. Now the starting of the movie will be quite confusing and maybe even boring, but trust me it will be worth it! DEFINITELY WORTH A WATCH!

Alle_Balle YT

Song name 1:18 :(


Who is the guy in the fridge ? Oz something ???

Miguel Dias

Hahahaha what a good movie man!!! Its been some time since I watched a good new movie like that. 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼


Alright alright alright

Prabh Singh

Jax Teller


This movie that really makes you feel like you are watching something interesting



Cygnus The Weedian

This movie rules! Just finished watching it and I can’t wait for some subsequent viewings to start quoting it. Love Guy Ritchie movies. Rock N Rolla is my all time favorite movie but man this one really shows Guy Ritchie at his best. Great story telling, great dialogue, great characters, great casting, great music. Just an all around amazing movie to watch and see how everything unfolds. That all being said, I ask you Guy Ritchie, where is my damn sequel to Rock N Rolla?!?!


People. Watch this movie! It's amazing! This is why people should go to the movies for and spend money and not those boring remakes of stupid Scripts that repeat itself every time.

Edward Bartlett

Does anyone know what the classical track is in the intro of this trailer ?

Maz Raz

Great movie, great director

Maz Raz

Hugh Grant can actually act!!

Southern Fried Funky Monk

This looks stupid


The guy that said "I am not for sale" sounds just like Gman....rpove me wrong

Philip Dolphin

Who else dosen't understand the movie ?

Tom White

Yup. Its that good


As everybody here says.. Great movie.

Jr's House

Top notch Guy Ritchie film!! A1 actors!! 9/10 beauty..

Khan Skywalker

One like each for Phahűc.

Tangiia Enjoy

Hugh Grant be doing Michael Cain

johnny johnson

This movie inspired me to change my entire energy on how i portray myself towards people. This should've won an oscar. Its literally a masterpiece.

Bruno Lima

muito emgrçado demais

blackmangod glorious

The is only one rule in the Jungle WHEN THE LION IS HUNGRY HE EATS.

Flavio Oliveira

Jax left the club ?


finally a new guy ritchie movie, i love this man


I tried it couple days ago.. after 15 mins i got lost.. then turned on the subtitles in English.. once I restarted.. i couldnt stop till the end. Loved it and i definitely would recommend it

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